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Investment Options
Managing your Investment needs and acting on your behalf.

Deposit Accounts

Said to be the safest place to invest your money … but is it?

Even though your money is effectively guaranteed, your return will not keep inline with inflation. This will unfortunately have the affect of eroding your savings over time. That being said, if you are an investor you should always hold a portion of your funds on deposit for that rainy day.

Lump Sum Investments

There are many options available to you from stocks and shares to property and gold. At Momentum we have access to a wide variety of investments in the marketplace.

You also have the security of dealing with a company regulated by the Financial Regulator.

As part of our consultation service, we can suggest some interesting options for your consideration and provide all relevant information to allow you make an informed investment decision.

Guaranteed Investments

It is possible to invest your savings in a longer term investment that carries a 100% capital guarantee. A Capital Guarantee ensures that your investment will always return your original investment intact.

There are also options available to carry a reduced capital guarantee in return for a high investment return. The return on your investment will not be guaranteed but would be expected to out perform current deposit rates.

Stockbroking Services

Through our contacts with Goodbody Stockbrokers, one of the leading Irish stockbroking firms, we are delighted to offer our clients direct access to the stock market.

Direct Stock Market investment can take place through a number of different routes, namely The Markets Desk, Advisory & Discretionary Portfolios.

We can introduce you to a dedicated portfolio manager who will provide you with all the relevant information to set up your account initially and, going forward, will give you access to all the current information to manage your investment.


Property is always a popular investment for our clients and whether you wish to buy property directly or indirectly, Momentum can help you in all aspects of your investment. Indirect Property Investment can be accessed by investing in Property Funds promoted by leading Irish companies.

This type of investment has the following benefits:

Access to larger properties that may not be available to individual investors.
A full turnkey transaction i.e. no need for active involvement by the investors.
A professionally managed investment.
Due diligence process carried out by leading Irish companies.
Access to new emerging markets i.e. Europe, Germany & France.
Access to established markets i.e. UK.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) : When providing advice, Momentum Financial Services Ltd does not consider the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability. The firm does not intend to consider such impacts in the future (10/03/2021)

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